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 Principal Incentive Pay

Top Performing Schools



The same schools are Top Performing for Teachers and school leaders.  Eligible Top Performing schools are identified using SPF data from the previous contract year.

School Leaders:

  • Employee must be assigned to a school that is designated as Principal Top Performing based on scores from SPF to be eligible for this incentive.
  • Employee must be assigned at least .5 FTE as Principal or Assistant Principal to be eligible for this incentive.
  • Employee must have served in a school for at least 75% of their available FTE in Active status (AB or AV) during the contract year to be eligible.
  • If an employee is reassigned to serve in a school anytime during the year at the request of the district, or if an employee is hired at any time after the contract year begins, the employee may still be eligible for this incentive.
  • Employee must be assigned to the same school and in a status of active with benefits (AB), leave with pay (LP), leave summer pay/benefits (LR), or FMLA leave (LF status in Lawson, which is currently unused) on May 31st to qualify for this incentive.


Payment rules include the following:

  • Payout for employees is based on their position held during the year. A Principal is paid 75% higher incentive than an Assistant Principal.
  • Employees that entered or were reassigned to the school at the request of the district during the contract year, and were approved to receive the incentive, are eligible to receive a prorated amount of the incentive based on the length of time (number of months) spent in the position.
  • Employees who satisfy all requirements and are assigned to multiple Top Performing schools can receive multiple incentive payments. Incentive payments cannot exceed payment greater than 1.0 FTE.
  • All payouts are prorated to reflect the FTE status and the amount of time (months) an employee spent in the position.
  • Payment for school leaders will occur in a lump sum payment in November of the year following assessment.